Shamanic healing and soul loss for cats - webinar replay

Shamanic healing and soul loss for cats - webinar replay

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Shamanic practitioner and animal wellness advocate Dr Isla Fishburn shares how we need to consider our cats spiritual health.

In this webinar replay she covers:

πŸ’– What is soul loss and how can we support our cats with it

πŸ’– How spiritual health is crucial for the wellbeing of our cats

πŸ’– What we can do as cat guardians to help our cats to thrive

πŸ’– What we can do to really feel connected to our cats

Isla believes, as does Naturally Cats, that our cats need a voice. She is speaking out about animals to represent their emotional and spiritual needs so we can help them to thrive.

Cats are not just pets.

They are sentient, spiritual beings who have decided to share their lives with us.

In this replay Isla shares with you how she is helping the animal kingdom to reconnect with its spiritual roots by supporting cats and their guardians through spiritual healing.

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