Cat communication session with Naturally Catts

Cat communication session

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Do you want to know what your cat is thinking?

In this 90 minute consultation Julie-Anne will share with you the answers to your burning cat questions.

How does it work?

As a cat intuitive Julie-Anne is able to connect with the energy of your cat and tune into its emotional state to share with you how it is feeling. 

You send a photo of your cat to Julie-Anne who will connect with the cats energy before your scheduled call and ask the cat your questions.

You can ask up to 8 questions. 

Julie-Anne will then share with you the answer, reflections and impressions from the cat.

She will also share any energy blockages that come up and make recommendations for healing, herbs or any other complementary treatment follow up. 

Once you have purchased this service please email with a high resolution image of your cat including their name and the 5-8 questions you'd like to ask it.

The following requirements are needed for the picture of your cat:

  • Cat facing the camera
  • No glare or reflection in the eyes
  • Only one cat in the image
  • Sharp focus of the cat - no blurry images

What you'll get

An insight into your cats world. You will be able to share their thoughts, feelings and understand how they feel physically, mentally and emotionally.

Taking part in this service option will bring you and your cat together and help to deepen your bond and relationship.

After the call you will receive the session recording to download and save to review and revisit.

Julie-Anne will also send you a follow up email with highlights of the answers to your cat questions. 

This service is for one cat only. For additional cat connections you must purchase this item again. 

Once you have purchased this product Julie-Anne will be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time to conduct the session.